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Open Play Day Pass​ 

Infant ( 6-12 months) $10/infant + one adult 
Child (13 months - 10 years) $16
/ child + one adult 

  • Sibling $9 

Happy Hour (one hour before closing) $12/child + one adult 
Additional Adults $6

Multi-Day Passes 

Multi day passes can be purchased at our location. Each visit includes one adult and one child.

Passes are non- refundable and we are unable to replace lost cards. We encourage all customers to write your name and number on the back of any cards purchased.  
3 visits: $40 (Save $8) 
5 Visits: $60 (Save $20)
10 Visits: $110 (Save $50) 


Socks are required to be worn by EVERYONE, including adults. 

*Re-entering World Of Play, after exiting, may require a wait due to capacity regulations. Occasionally you and your group may have to wait to re-enter the facility. This situation may occur on, but is not limited to, busy weekends, holidays and inclement weather days. We apologize for any inconvenience or waiting that you may experience. We thank you for your understanding.

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